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Yana Cova

Fantasies about Yana Cova (Part I)

Tom had been working with this same client for months now and theproject promised to keep him engaged for many more to come. Normally he didn't like being in one place so long. That's why he took so well to the IT consulting business to begin with. But on this project, he had made some good friends and truly enjoyed working with them. One of them was a cute young blonde woman names Yana Cova. They had that special flirtatious relationship that Tom seemed to inspire in a few women. But it was a little more than that, too. They had developed real friendship with a bond on another level. Sometimes he thought he could feel her presence, like now. Just then his instant messenger raised a little window showing that Yana Cova had logged in. He wrote it off as some subconscious sense like smelling her vanilla perfume.
He clicked on the message and wrote "Good morning! I was just thinkingabout you." He knew how to tease women. They loved attention. And nothing made them more attracted to him than letting them know that he was attracted to them. He guessed it was a benefit of being good looking and fit. They probably didn't respond to everyone that way.
"Hi!" she wrote back. "What were you thinking?"
"I can't tell you...not on IM. They log all the messages here. :)"
"Yeah, it sucks...means I can't tell you about my dream, either." Shewas a pretty good tease herself. Maybe that's why they became friends to begin with. Their mutual teasing meant they always had something to talk about, even if it wasn't of substance. But often times their innuendo led to substantial topics like relationships, experiences, and values.
"Hmmm...if not here, then maybe over lunch?"
"Maybe." She was still teasing.
Tom hesitated a moment trying to decide between playing cute andaffectionate with "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" or acting aloof and making her do some work by saying "Whatever...let me know when you decide." He went with the former since he didn't want to chance ruining her apparently playful mood.
"Well, since you asked so nicely, I guess so. Only you have to pickthis time. I don't want to make decisions today."
"You got it!" he replied. "Plan on 11:30. I'll ping you before then. Time to get to work."
As 11:30 rolled around, Tom was getting hungry and bored with his work. Normally he consulted to a variety of people on the project and never really noticed time passing. Today he was reviewing documentation and he'd had enough.
He IM'ed Yana Cova again. "Hungry?"
It took a few seconds for her to reply, "Yep, where we going?"
"It's a surprise." Maybe a surprise to him, too, since he hadn'tdecided.
"I bet you haven't figured it out yet." She knew him pretty well, too. He liked to make decisions at the last moment.
"So sassy. Just meet me at the south entrance in 5 min. I'm going towash up. Bye." She knew his "Bye" meant end of the conversation because he was walking away. He's the only one she knew who could command an IM conversation like that. It was decisive - his decision - giving him control and leaving her to follow. Is that why she was drawn to him? But it was fine. Today, she wasn't in the mood to make decisions.
He made it to the door just before her and held it open. They walked tothe car and he opened the passenger side and held it for her, too. Sheliked the way he treated her, as if they were dating, even though he was married. He liked the subtle aspect of control by playing the chivalrous servant. Besides, it gave him an opportunity to check out his passenger. With his shades on, Yana Cova couldn't see his hazel green eyes scanning her. It was late spring and warm enough for a blue baby T and white skirt. The blue of her shirt really set of her blue eyes and wrapped nicely around her firm B cup breasts. She almost looked like a school girl with those socks and pumps. Her legs had a great shape from playing volleyball and biking. As she climbed into Tom's sport coupe, the white skirt rode up to show the inside of her supple thigh. As she brought the second foot in, she pulled her skirt down, like the proper young lady that she was. Tom paused just a little longer than he needed to watch her turn and pul l the seatbelt across her firm breasts.
"Thank you," she said, appreciating his gentleman's courtesy.
"Always a pleasure," he said happily as he shut the door. Once insidehimself, he ignited and revved the smooth performance engine and expertly pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the road.
"Have you decided where we're going?" she asked.
"It's a nice warm day out. Pretty soon it will be hot, so I'm thinkingwe have Mexican on the patio at Mias."
"That sounds good," Yana Cova agreed. "You know how I love the sun."
Over lunch they chatted a little about work and the challenges they wereeach addressing - for all of about ten minutes. Then the subject changed to sports and summertime activities. Yana Cova had just started tennis lessons on top of her other activities. Tom ran and lifted weights as an exercise regime and played other sports as spontaneous ad hoc games with friends. His real passion was Thai kick boxing, which he practiced twice a week. Finally, as it always did, the subject turned to Yana Cova's love life. She used Tom as a sounding board for the problems and ideas about her relationships. She told him things she wouldn't tell any other guy and most of her girlfriends. But he was married and safe, damn it.

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Yana Cova

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Babe Name: Jana Cova
Official Site:
Profession: Centerfold
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Date of Birth: Tuesday, April 13, 1982
Aliases: Yana Cova, Jana Kova
Penthouse Pet of the Month: 2003-04-01
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 45 kg - 99 lbs
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Shoe Size: Unknown
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None